Custom staircases on a budget

Every homeowner would like to have a stunning, stylish staircases in their homes -just because they look amazing, not that common and add value to any type of house. Indeed they all look great, however most of the times they cost a small fortune. Here are a few tips to consider when you are getting yourself a custom built staircases which won’t cost you an arm and leg.

  1. First Tip – Do you have enough room?

Proper measurement of the space is the key to minimalizing the cost. When you do it properly you won’t spend extra $$$ on the materials which you won’t use. Getting everything measured precisely can also help you with proper planning – it happens very often that a project cannot be completed or there are some obstacles because we presumed that  something will fit perfectly in the space we have, but actually it doesn’t. It might take a huge amount of time to finish the project in such a case, and time is money.

2.  Second Tip – proper design

Price always depends on how complex your project is – you can significantly lower the budget by simplifying things. For example – when building a spiral stairs, you can design them to go around 2 times instead of 3 times. You will save on hand rails, steps etc. Remember that you can always choose popular, yet elegant straight stairway.

  1. Third Tip – Type of materials used

When working on a budget, choosing the right materials for you project is crucial. Check everything twice before making a decision. Metal stairs might be in many cases less expensive than wooden ones, although most of the people think it’s completely opposite

  1. Cost of labour

Cost of installation might vary quite significantly – all depends on the size of your staircases and how complicated the design is. Check how many hours it can take to complete the project before you even start. Carpenters charge you per hour – if the design will be too complicated, it might cost you a fortune to complete the project.

This article was written thanks to Unique Balustrading  – Custom staircase manufacturers from Perth. You can check some of their projects here: