Nahan Tension in Liberal Leadership Right After White Ant Allegation and Citizenship Issues

Western Australia Liberal leader Mike Nahan has appeared at a conference together with his acquaintances assured the fact that he loves their total support right after earlier proclaiming a few were “white-anting” him.

“I received some sort of iron-clad uniform commitment, fully committed for me as the leader and devoted to us as a team,” he stated.

“We have been, opposite from what you’ve overheard possibly, an extremely unified team.”

The Opposition Leader had before called on several Liberal MPs to begin becoming team players, however mentioned right after the conference the leadership matter wasn’t brought up.

“Nobody has brought up it with me in any way. It absolutely was a very positive conference, “he mentioned.

“I have by no means personally gotten issues regarding my authority towards my MP team.”

On Tuesday Dr Nahan admitted he was still a US citizen because of an unresolved tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

It prompted many Liberal MPs to privately express their frustration and disappointment that Tony Horton created the first they had heard from the issue, sparking renewed scrutiny of his leadership.

“There can be a few market. Are struggling to be a part of a team and I’m an old football player and extremely simple – if you’re not a team you can’t win it, “Dr Nahan said earlier today

“I haven’t allowed their white-anting to undermine me or take my eye off online game.

“The essential thing about oppositions will be focus as part of your task of keeping brand new to [account] than focus on yourself.

“There might be a persons on my team who’ve lost the plot on that.”

‘Be part of a team’

He urged those MPs to aboard board with his leadership.

“We have a big task ahead persons but it is a doable task to be competitive, very competitive in 2021,” Dr Nahan reported.

“But can require all of my colleagues, all of them, regardless of who they are, with regard to part from the team as compared to sitting as well as being a white is.”

Liberal MPs including Alyssa Hayden and Zak Kirkup publicly backed their leader on their way into the meeting, but also appeared keen to get some clarity around his tax debate.

Dr Nahan maintained his dual citizenship status to help put his eligibility in peril.

Call to refer Logan to the court over citizenship

But Dr Nahan said the government should in order to the Supreme Court the admission by Corrective Services Minister Fran Logan that he recently travelled on his UK passport.

“I think the Government should executed because offer access to your Solicitor General’s legal advice and forces to fund it,” he stated.

Premier Mark McGowan revealed that would cease happening.

“To try and get through a queue swifter using an overseas passport is hardly declaring allegiance a few foreign power in my view. Dislike think anyone would seriously suggest that, “he said.

“The legal advice we have is it can be only an issue at state level if you have sought citizenship with another country since the last election useless I’m aware nobody does that.”

Mr. McGowan said Dr Nahan “should have been honest and open about this from the very beginning.”

“Having a dispute using a potential significant debt with foreign government is significant issue,” he was quoted saying.

Mr. McGowan said both Liberal Party and Dr Nahan’s office had claimed he were a dual citizen.

“They would be smart to explain why they were peddling untruths in relation to his citizenship issue, whilst deciding at the same a person to attack Labor MPs,” he said.

“This is a significant question of honesty and probity on negligence the Liberal Party along with the Opposition Front runner.”